Welcome to this celebration of Christmas 2023. Come on in and look around at the decor ideas, the Advent blog, and how we celebrate here in Ohio.

Many international customs are, or soon will be, highlighted.

Come On In...

Welcome To The New LovingChristmas

Welcome To The New LovingChristmas

Getting Started

We are featuring a theme of peace this year, the first year we have done this. In a previous season, we looked through the lens of joy.

While peace, joy, hope, and love are all characteristic of the season and celebration, I thought I would choose one aspect for all the new content.

Be sure to visit the Advent blog (included here) for the present Calendar-like devotionals which continue the tradition of a whole month of themed posts following the Advent schedule. You will also find all the older page updated under the Traditions tab.

This is the start of a brand new emphasis on making Loving Christmas a tradition for YOU. Expect to have more on the customs of different countries,Holiday Recipes and much more.

This will enable you to have an array of great ideas for creating your own Cozy Celebration -In your family.

Let's celebrate Jesus' birthday in a whole new way, centered around Him, building our relationships and creating wonderful memories

Customs and Memories Page

How to Contribute

Thank you for visiting this collection of holiday celebration, cooking, and devotional pages. I welcome you to use everything here in your personal use.

Please consider how many hours it took over the years to present and create this site - and help support it by using the Amazon page, donating, and sharing the good stuff on Facebook and Twitter.

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Once again, thank you for participating. I hope you enjoy the holiday pages every bit as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Begin the season

Celebration Ideas

From home decor to special tips, fun crafts or delightful cookies... explore trends and pick up a few new traditions for your Christmas celebration.

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Children are a central focus of the ideas in this site.

Family Traditions

Tree Decor

Christmas tree decor ideas: themes, ornaments, symbolism and history

Christmas tree ideas