Christmas Is Love Come To Earth

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Christmas Holly

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

lenox tableclothOr in this case: array the table with the fabric and porcelain version of an elegant version of the holly leaf motif. Shiny green leaves and red berries have always brought a note of color into the winter landscape and these were borrowed to make "the season bright". Lenox produced a classic pattern that creates a special celebration with linens and tableware.

I like the clean crisp look of holly, the way the leaves are shaped, and the bright red berries, it's no wonder that this plant spells a traditional Christmas theme. The design for tables by Lenox is done in their usual refined way, which makes an elegant look for either formal or casual family occasions. The fact that this line has a myriad of accessories for coordinating all the serving needs of every type of fete is another reason to collect a holiday dining room service set in this pattern.

Lenox Holiday 12-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4 Lenox Holiday 12-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Completely affordable fine dinnerware by the famous Lenox company. Special holidays call for a special tablesetting, and this holly sparkled set will loved year after year.


Winter Berries Are A Natural

Christmas Theme to set a beautiful table instantly

winterberries design tablecloth

Beauty Of Winter Berries

Cindy on PinterestLike the Holly designs, the Winter Berry borrows its look from nature in winter. The surprise of red berries and bit of evergreen foliage against an expanse of winter white background. The graceful addition of bows lends a festive and lively feeling of animation to the table.


What Themes And Colors?

Christmas Trends And 2014 Treats

Does a Christmas theme that is traditional in your family make you happy each holiday season?

Or do you change things up with the latest trends in colors and designs?

Either way, there are plenty of imaginative ideas to light up the table this December with special settings and accessories,

Look at a few of the newest ideas dreamed up by designers and taste-makers.

I Get Lots Of Ideas



I love collecting holiday theme ideas on my Pinterest board. Come See!

Christmas Ideas help make a fresh look out of traditional decorations. It is part of the fun of the holidays.

Best Of Christmas 2014

Homespun, red checks, and simple home made look ornaments and decorations. Another theme that is trending which is rustic and cozy.

Christmas trendsSource: Christmas Trend Group

Purples... greens... brights. That is a modern looking direction that this season's decorating is taking. Bright and Fun.

Elegance, beach house colors and motifs, a little bit of silver glitz.

I added to these reported fashions the "Cultural meets Christmas" idea with popular favorites of Scandinavian and Scottish Christmas styles which I think are ideal for the dining room and holiday meals.

The Scandinavian style is one that spans a long time in history reaching back into its pre-Christian times for some elements (the Julebukk, for instance), but manages to always look contemporary.

The Scottish tartan has been a time honored Christmas theme since Queen Victoria popularized it.

They could be thought of as two different ways to have a Homespun Christmas style which is always one that is essentially frugal. Each of these mentioned styles fit in with the trend to recycle, upcycle, and re-purpose as a Christmas decorating trend.

Christmas Craft Ideas For Tables - Seen on this page

Natural decorations Source:

  1. Surround your candle with attached peppermint candy canes.
  2. Decorate the table with pine cones. Large ones topped with cookie stars or glittered cardboard stars for centerpieces, small ones brushed with metallic paints for napkins or small gift toppers.
  3. Hang a small string of jingle bells to the chair backs. Add a sprig of holly or pine, if you like.
  4. Make bows of burlap, hearts of tartan fabric and string them for a garland on the sideboard.
  5. Easy fabric flower napkin rings in the color to match your theme.

Holiday Plaid

Scottish Table Setting - Red, Green, Tartan, Pine, and Silver

Scottish plaid tablecloth Source: Set of 4 Table Place Settings (4 Placemats/4 Napkins) in a Scottish Thistle Design Set of 4 Table Place Settings (4 Placemats/4 Napkins) in a Scottish Thistle Design

The Scottish Theme can go light with the Symbolic Scottish Thistle. Green and white make a beautiful background for a fine Christmas feast.


Red tartan plaid- whether from a throw or tablecloth, bright silver sleigh bells and berried pin sprigs, all combine with candles and good repast to bid a Merry Christmas. Cheerful, and frugal way to celebrate during the holidays.

Scottish Tartan Can Dress Up

And it can be as posh and luxurious as damask or lace.

Tartan ribbon brings a touch of Scottish charm in the most elegant dinnerware, Lenox Holiday Tartan design with 24 karat gold accents. This will become an heirloom set.

Tartan Pattern  

Lenox Holiday Tartan Gold Banded Ivory China 20-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Fine china made in the USA, this gorgeous design has a Scottish tartan motif and a gold trim which works perfectly with some of the best Christmas themes. Accented with 24 karat gold, it is also dishwasher safe.


Scottish Thistle Table Mats - Special Glasses Make It A Celtic Christmas

Celtic Christians created intricate and meaningful designs, especially meaningful if you have an Irish heritage. A green tartan can be substituted for the red with all the other elements of a Scottish Christmas Table: the silver, bright crystal glasses, and Christmas greenery.

Celtic Glass Designs Set of 2 Hand Painted Wine Glasses in a Celtic Trinity Knot Design. Celtic Glass Designs Set of 2 Hand Painted Wine Glasses in a Celtic Trinity Knot Design.handpainted Celtic wine glasses

Sparkle the table with beautiful color and design, imagine these glasses filled with ruby libations. The Celtic design shows off your heritage at this time of year, when family gatherings are full of fun and traditions.




Christmas Tree

Christmas Tableware - Greenery Decks The Halls And Your Plates

Spode has an impressively wide range of dinnerware and table accessories in the Christmas Tree designs.

Whether you mix and match or add just a few accents to your table it instantly spells out a cheery holiday message.

Spode Christmas Tree Peppermint Tea Set Spode Christmas Tree Peppermint Tea Set

Christmas trees and peppermint stripes are the most festive pairings of all. I have to confess a predilection for peppermint colors, it is the color combination I personally chose for my own Christmas theme. I combine candy stripes, Scottish Tartan ribbons, and a traditional red and green color scheme throughout my home. 

Christmas Elegance

Elegant Christmas In Gold Trimmings and Subtle Colors

Pale Flower Colors

Predominantly white décor has always had an understated elegance that decorators love. Borrow that understanding to outfit your Christmas table with white and just enough sparkle to shine and stand out from the rest of the year, because if there is anytime that glamor and glitz is welcome it is on cold wintry nights during the Christmas season. Add some subtle color with simple placemats.

What is easier than two table runners and hanging Christmas decorations above the heads and out of the way from carrying on jovial conversations? Candles add romance and nothing is easier or more elegant for a Christmas holiday meal.

Even something as simple as a pine cone- usually used in natural and homespun settings, is turned into the most elegant table decoration with just a touch of imagination, silver paint, and a bit of glued silver pearls...

silver painted pinecone napkin ring  

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

Holiday Sparkle

Elegant Dessert Table

Present Your Special Cupcakes And Desserts In Style

Use your silver serving pieces in the "Holiday Sparkle" theme. Display beautiful cupcakes dressed up with silver dragees as a start for an elegant dessert table..

Silver, white and a pastel (I love the pale greens, but any cool toned pastel would work) bring a winter fantasy look to a table. Find a fancy tablecloth with burnouts, edged with silver or metallic threads, and bring on th eshimmery ornaments.

This look is wonderful for formal events. Nothing is quite as glamorous as silvery, glitzy shine and pale colors that simply shine in the evening candlelight. 

Make buffet desserts or plates shine with elegance.

Frosty Snowflakes Sparkle On the Table

Holiday Burnout Voile Evening Snowflake Design White Tablecloth - 80 Inch Square - New Holiday Burnout Voile Evening Snowflake Design White Tablecloth - 80 Inch Square - New

Silver and snowflakes creates a sparkle and help keep the décor light and bright on cold winter nights. It makes you think of the first winter snow, even if the temperatures outside don't cooperate. This setting theme makes the food first place.

Scandinavian Red and White Ideas

 One of my favorite looks for the Christmas season is the simple, clean look of Scandinavia. It often starts with a pure snow white, then brings in brights, usually the color red. There are plenty of natural and homespun accents, which adds to the appeal.

In a table setting nothing could be easier, yet full of Christmas warmth and decorating drama than this style. It doesn't compete with the festive foods, but holds plenty of the Christmas season conviviality. 

  • Use plenty of candles in red or white
  • Remember to include twiggy branches and pine, red berries
  • Keep the color palette edited to just two choices for full impact
  • Handmade and traditional ornaments like folded paper stars or hearts
  • Plain, but pretty, table coverings

Scandinavian Red & White

Cheerful Scandinavian Christmas Source:

  1. Red and White Danish flags are a traditional decoration for the tree at Christmas. Use them for the table and centerpiece, too.
  2. Create the setting simply, use stars for Christmas significance, and lots of red and white candles.
  3. Natural accessories in light wood or ornaments of straw help give this cultural style its warm simplicity.
  4. Homespun with class and elegance with beautifully presented foods. Don't overburden the Scandinavian table, instead allow each well chosen element stand out and shine in the light of the candlelight.
  5. Scandinavian embroidery is a nice touch for napkins, tablecloths, or table runners.

For more Cozy Scandinavian Design

Homespun Holiday

homespun cloth   Special Christmas tree white crochet table cloth 60x84" OB Special Christmas tree white crochet table cloth 60x84" OB

Perhaps you don't have time to create the handcrafted look you long for- just buy something that gives you the homey look and express yourself decorating.


Homespun Christmas Table Ideas

  1. Pull out your folk art items: plates, candle holders, even cookie cutters and use them in layered table place settings and centerpieces.
  2. Homespun check fabric, burlap, rough linen, crocheted cotton... all have a varied look, yet all speak of a home made, old fashioned Christmas.
  3. Ideal Early American look- this is a good place for Colonial style accessories.

Crafts and Hobbies Highlight Dinner Tables - In A Homespun Look

Scandinavian decor


Although red hues pair with white and green, accented with the natural browns of burlap and other materials, don't forget other colors which can be paired with handcrafted table linens - orange or blue are also holiday favorites and might be better color choices for warmer climates.

Winter Greetings - Winter Holiday

Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic 16-Inch Gold-Banded Fine China Oval Serving Platter Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic 16-Inch Gold-Banded Fine China Oval Serving Platter

Winter birds lend their color and grace to tableware perfect for the holidays. Elegant gold trim gives a rich sparkle to the table decor.

This article reposted from my work on Squidoo (now closed) , first published by Ilona1 on 08/23/12 copyright to Ilona Erwin.