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Themes, schemes, and decorating inspirations for your home. Nothing brightens up the mood like entering a room that is made festive with colors and motifs of the season. From special candles and home scents to garlands and baubles, decide on your style and bring a special touch to the decor with these ideas for the holiday home.

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Looking for table ideas to bring a festive feel to your Christmas season table? Look no further than this display of ideas that showcase some of the themes popular this year.

Christmas Table Themes For Your Merry Christmas Meal

Try one of these themes for your Christmas dining table this year. There is an array of different inspirations to decorate your dining room and give a special touch of cheer to a jolly Christmas season.

From pale and pastel elegance to cozy plaids and red and white checks, there are plenty of ideas to inspire you. Coordinate the looks of your décor  throughout the rooms of your house, or give your dining table its own expression of the season. Fit out a completely new set of table settings or gather all your crafts and everyday things in a new way that celebrates Christmas this year.

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Back...Back...To 2006

What was cool then?

Reportedly the color Black was big in the UK and is expected to make a showing here in the USA. Somehow Black is  antipodal to the idea of" light in the darkness", but some people are going for black Christmas trees. The way to decorate them is with sparkly "silver, gold, crystals".

christmas tree decor

But what else is on the palette for Christmas?

Metallics of bronze and copper, with the rich shadings of burgundy and purples. The Retro look you see decorating so many websites is vogue for your Christmas decorations,too: cool retro blue, lime green, goldtone, and orange pop. So the themes of rich and opulent or bright colored and whimsical are forefront with the ever beloved elegance of white with snow crystal and silver.

Retro- It is Still The In-Crowd Choice

  Some are going for the sixties flavor of hot pink,candy apple red, and white in far out stylized patterns-along with the stripes and polka dots. Some play it cool with greens and blues, and some are going deep earth golds, bronzes, browns. They pretty much are matching things with their interior decor.

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Christmas decorations are on the shelves and the color trends available for this year are displayed. So what have decorators presented for Christmas? Here are a sampling of pretty themes, 'White and Silver' and 'Purple Sugarplum' ...

dove decorations

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For a truly unique decorating idea, Amazing Christmas Ideas site has all the directions you need to put a little fantasy in your living room. Who doesn't love a white dove? With its connotations of "PEACE", and the graceful look of white feathers, try some decorating ideas that feature these gentle birds.tree decorations dove