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Your Favorite Christmas Plants

Get ideas for how to decorate with them, how to grow them, and trivia about them.

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Christmas cactus

I just bought my Christmas poinsettias for this year (2012) and got a great deal at Home Depot. A nice, full, six inch pot for less than $5.00 ( this was in 2012, they are much pricier now)  and a very full planter of poinsettias plus variegated ivy for less than $15.00. Home Depot also had Christmas cactus, which I thought about getting... but decided I wanted to wait until later.

Christmas Roses
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Christmas Plants Bloom

Christmas plants are a big part of the holiday for most of us. Whether it is decking the halls with bright poinsettias, or making special table centerpieces for a holiday meal, there are opportunities to use these special accents in creative ways throughout the season.

Maybe that is one reason why giving a Christmas plant is popular. I have to admit to gifting myself  with Christmas season plants! I love Rosemary "trees", and even found my favorite Hellebores (which went into my garden the following spring) during a lucky shopping foray into the grocery store holiday gift plant department.

I have collected a number of plant articles that cover the topic of Christmas plants, from bloomers to living Christmas trees to help you make the most of your Christmas season greenery and flowers.

 There are several articles on my garden website, Ilona's Garden, on the topic of Christmas bloomers and living plants:

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Ilona's Garden Journal reports on some seasonal Christmas plants:

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