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  A Christmas of Loving, because we are loved .......... Welcome to my Christmas page

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Christmas is a bridge.
We need bridges as the river of time flows past.
Today's Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday.
~Gladys Tabor (Still Cove Journal)

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I personally plan on a few things each year. One is a holiday meal together. That usually is Christmas Eve. I plan on special Christmas cookies, and on having a Christmas tree. I like to have gifts for each of my children and my husband, and as many family devotions centered around our advent log tradition as we can possibly accomplish.
Aside from those, everything else finds a place or not, as the year has allowed. That means sometimes a Christmas newsletter goes out, sometimes cards, sometimes not. Sometimes we go places, and sometimes we don't. Those plans change. But there are a few things that everyone look forward to, and those have fashioned our Christmas celebrations.

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  If you need some inspiration for gifts, or if you just like to look over book recommendations, I have Christmas Zazzle Gifts. The Joyful Cup of Christmas Tea page has seasonal thoughts for mood helium any time of the year.

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An old saying is that anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Part of doing something well involves some planning and preparation. With Holiday traditions, the nice part is that there is an accumulative flow that occurs. The decisions we make on what is important in our holiday plan paves the way for each successive year. We are accustomed to the timing and we have our supplies and tools ready. Supplies? Tools? Sure! What do you think - that we wish our festivity into reality? So pulling out those decorations, readying the cookie sheets and cookie cutters, it is all part of the plan.

I found this list of questions on the net and thought it would be helpful:

How Many Days Until Christmas ?
Are you Ready ? Do you remember where you stored the wrapping paper?
Do you have all the addresses for those you'll be sending cards to?
Do you have your calendar up to date, so you won't miss any special dinners or gatherings?
Have you thought of special gifts for all your loved ones ?
Have you found just the rights cards, to send to your loved ones?
Have you told your loved ones you love them?
Will you share the true meaning of Christmas with everyone you know?
Will you count your blessings, count your friends, and give thanks?
Will you take time to enjoy, the joy that is Christmas ?


I think only the last four are really important, but if you have decided that any of the others are important, it is best to do as much as early as you can... just so you have the opportunity to count your blessings and enjoy your holiday. Enjoyment means different things to different people. What does your definition include? Is it satisfaction at glowing faces? Is it peaceful atmosphere in your home? What you enjoy will make the priority of your planning.

cherish each other Maybe you ask yourself if this is worth it. Or you may be one of those who have no question in your mind how important each part is for your family. I would like to encourage you, whatever your opinion about the holidays and the preparations, to use this time to strengthen the ties that you, your family, and friends all have need of. It is a time to center on God and each other in a special way that has some differences from the rest of the year. A meal or special get-together is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Try to be patient if you are the pioneer in your family for a new tradition, it could take a little effort to create the lasting, loving traditions you have in mind; but it is worth it..


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