My Christmas Wish for you:

Happy Hanukkah
May Your Holiday Be Filled With Light

Such a land and such a history.
Always longed for so earnestly,
oh Israel, what a price has been paid.
But you've claimed our love,
and you've made us brave.
And what a source of pride you have become,
For your land has blossomed like a new former flower.
Some call it hard work and toil!
That is true, but it is a miracle too.
Once so barren, and now your deserts bloom.
And your cities, your cities live again.
Your ancient Wall echoes with the prayers
of the people throughout the years.
And your soil, it is so rich in minerals,
But far richer still in blood and tears.
The elders say you are not really free
outside these boundaries.
That is why you fight to keep your liberty.
Some will never return,
and others bear the marks of pain and misery.
But oh, much rather to die for freedom
than to live in captivity.
I hope one morning soon when I am about to rise,
I shall hear the shofar's call piercing through the skies.
I will laugh and God knows I will cry
because this will be Messiah's time.
I will sing and I will dance knowing
True peace, true shalom is here at last.

true shalom
by bob van der werff

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