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These pages share the Ohio Heartland experience of Christmas


W elcome to all wayfaring visitors this Christmas season!snowy day This page is made of Central Ohio memories and activities, but whatever links and ideas come from other places in the world- I say "the more the merrier!" I looked around for the best sites I could find on the web, I don't think you can go wrong following any one of them. The celebration ideas are submitted to you in the hope that your own holiday will be the best ever, so you are welcome to the recipes, traditions and decorating tips.


A Page on Decorating

T o get into the holiday spirit go next to the decorating page. I'd love to share our family's traditions with you and some very helpful links, as well! Places to go, things to see (in Ohio) Christmas Tree


Christmas Cookies

Being the very changeable person that I am, I have had a number of things over the years that I've done for Christmas. One constant is cookie baking! There is a difference between Christmas cookies and everyday cookies -don't ask me to define it, just try some of the recipes.

Please don't be afraid of the complex ones, just add one each season to your repertoire. Or choose one that is "Christmas" to your family every year. I have a page of my favorites.

If that isn't enough for you try some fabulous cookbooks to make your own collection of favorites :)

Christmas Lights

One of the beautiful things about Christmas in the U.S. is the Christmas lighting. People who decorate their houses with lights, ribbons, and wreaths: some with whole panoramas of the nativity scene or their fantasy of Christmas. It is quite cheering to travel along dark wintry roads and see all the lights and tinsel. I, myself, only have some "do-it-yourself" wreaths and the lights from my tree and some candles in the window, but the accumulative effect of all the outdoor decor is festive. If you aspire to outdoor decorations far beyond this, I have a site for you! Christmas Lights I believe this will tell you everything you need to know.

Christmas tree lights and decorating