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There is a whole world out there, but this is the Heartland

Merry Christmas

Welcome to my Christmas in Ohio. Begun as a few pages in 1998 to now, Christmas 2009! You have reached Ilona's Christmas spot on the net. This is not the ultimate site, if that is what you looking for..... but I hope you'll enjoy a revisiting old traditions and discovering new ones with me. Grab a warm mug of coffee, or tea. Mulled cider and hot chocolate are available on request ( all virtual.... but you can fill in from your own pantry -please do).

 This Christmas site has all the trimmings for a traditional Christmas. Decorating the house, dressing up the tree, cooking and baking, dreaming and remembering... it is all here...somewhere! I love Christmas time, don't you? And if you are struggling, I hope you will find some of the gracious comfort that Christmas was meant to afford those who struggle in this world. Be of Good Cheer!

The full site is inside, so this is just a part of what you can discover. Choose a link or search the site for celebrating Christmas with warm traditions for your friends and family.