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Christmas shopping can be overwhelming- there are always a few on our list that are hard to shop for, either they have everything, or it is just plain hard to figure out what they like. That is why I like to look through gift idea articles to trigger a solution to giving the right gift, something that person will love receiving.

As you may (or maybe not!) know I have been writing over at the community of Hubpages, and one of the things it does best is holidays and how-to. From teen girls or boys, young children, golfer, gardeners, women, geeks, women geeks, you name it and there is a gift list for it.

Here are some of mine. If you have someone on your list in one of these categories, New Moms, Toddlers, Children, or a Gardener take a look at the ingenious suggestions, and links directly to vendors so that shopping is a snap. Have other types on your list? 

 Specialty gift guides:
 Try these gift guides:


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